It’s day three in Seween. Everything hurts. After mostly dealing with broodies for the last two years and maybe ridden 2-3 horses a day, being tossed up on 8+ponies a day a doing 16 straw stables, walker duty, sweeping the biggest courtyard I have ever seen and realising my German is oh so poor, I’m a little sore in both legs and arms. 

The mare-face is real. All the time.

It may only be a few days in, but I have already learned a lot. A few new tricks when it comes to grooming, how knew Nivea body lotion is a perfect substitute for hoof oil?! Will add that to the list. Riding wise I could not ask for more. It’s fun again, and the diversity of the horses are great. You can ride a freshly broken 3yr old at the start of the day, and finishing up riding a lesson on a 150 FEI horse that will jump you out of the saddle, and they you ride a baby stallion out on a hack in the most diverse countryside around. It’s a dream.

Eventers hacking dream!

The whole team is gone to the performance test today, so I’m alone, and it’s a bit scary. We all started at 5 this morning to get it going before the guys had to leave. So I will have a two hour break at lunch, and the straw shed looks tempting for a nap.   

Breaker-stables. ex showtent

Main barn


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