Fit as a fiddle 

Where to start?!? So much, and so little, has happened since last. Just bare with me that this text has been sitting in my Notes for a solid 10 days already, so adding to what’s known.  

Never loved hacking out so much as I do here

Days are just blending in and I’m so so happy to ride top quality horses and have a watchful eye on me over fences. I can flatwork, but jumping has been a less and less currant thing in my life the last two years, and having a Swiss nations cup rider looking over (and shouting at!) my riding is superbly reassuring. I have two horses “permanently” signed to me, one 15.3 devil pony and a 16.1 bay bitch. Love them to bits. Both are 5yr olds and super special, and I’m only here for 6 weeks, so if I break a leg, who cares? The riders don’t want to deal with them tooooo much. And I get it, they are doing 6-8 horses a day, all day, every day. They don’t want to get hurt, and having a special one that will take up the same time as two horses is going to disturb the rhythm of things. And I kind of went on a rodeo the first day on a 3yr old and my eventing stickability kicked in. So there’s that! Playing the part of the dummy for now. 

Devil pony. Look at that cheeky face…

We have been to shows, local and international ones. Barbra is in Italy his weekend with 4 horses and the riders that are at home are busy coming and going with the young ones. It’s always go go go, and I love it. Location wise of the stable is horrible, not a town or social life within reach, so I can really dig in the whole horse camp-feeling. Nothing but equine and cows. Loads of cows. Everywhere. 

White is firts place colour here. Doesnt make any sence for the rest of the world


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